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One of Sky's pro-bono clients is Ad Color - a group dedicated to promoting strengthening diversity and achievement throughout the marketing industry.

Internet Marketing

Sky's Internet Marketing work is core to our company's foundation. We've worked with high-profile clients such as Gold's Gym to make sure their Internet Marketing strategy is taking advantage of the best thinking. The results can be extraordinary for both traffic and revenues.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can mean the difference between a highly trafficked site and one that is lost. But traditional SEO, while critical, is only the first step. To really be effective on Google you need an effective Search Engine Strategy. It starts with innovative keyword research, link building tactics, and syndication strategies. It then means having a having a highly specialized custom approach to dominating Search Results. This means adding pieces such as building out pages around your content and creating aggregation structures. For example, did you know that to really capture the attention of Google, you want to make as many individual content pages as possible. Then did you know that you need to have every page on the site be three links away from the front page? Did you know that a subdomain structure is a huge boon to compete locally. Don't worry, we live by all of this.

All Internet*

Sky's unique All Internet* model allows us to essentially become the web extension for our retail and e-commerce partners. On a revenue share basis, we will come in and do everything possible to grow traffic and sales, even if this means rebuilding/ building your entire web operation. This allows our partners to focus on the physical parts of the business, while allowing us to do everything we know to make you stand out on the web. Our experts will handle the SEO, web construction, content generation, link building, usability testing, landing page construction, and much much more. The results have been phenomenal. Click here for a case study.

Systems and Booking

Sky's Custom Development Team has built incredibly complex web-based systems, quickly and efficiently, because we understand how not only how to build, but what technology to build with. We've literally replaced $1Million dollar projects done by other vendors, and replaced these archaic systems with superior web-based systems for less than 1/10th the price. From our proprietary scheduling and booking technology, to Event Management Systems, to Internal Corporate Websites, as long as its web-driven we'd love to show you what we can do. Click here for a case study.
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