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Sky staff side project include Recipe Puppy, Deal Fan, and Cook Thing

About Us

Sky Social Media was founded by digital advertising veterans to help some of the world’s best companies develop an engaging and impactful social media presence. We at Sky are on the cutting edge of social media technology and have a staff of very talented web 2.0 engineers and designers that live and breathe social media every day. We’re proud to have developed some of the world’s most innovative Facebook tabs and applications for some of the best brands in the world.

The web and social media are incredibly technical and complex, and the little things make all the difference. We understand that engaging designs, interactive communities, and knowledge of the latest technologies are just some of the capabilities that you need for a successful social media campaign. We have a direct relationship with Facebook , which allows us to stay ahead of all the latest technological trends in social media. Because of this relationship and the experience of our developers, we have been able to build a full suite of innovative Facebook applications and tabs that range from flash games to on-tab microsites. We have built hundreds of applications reaching over 16 million users, making us one of the most successful Facebook development companies in the world.

We know the competition is always moving, and we look forward to enabling you to create the most powerful social media presence possible. Think of us as the silent, solid, partner.

Our Specialties

Social Media

Search Strategy

Cutting-Edge Technology

Advanced Design

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Sky Social Media's offices are located at 104 W. 27th Street, 11th floor, in New York City.

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