Social Widgets

Sky's Social Widgets convert standard IAB banner Ads into engaging and interactive social experiences where audiences interact to spread influence through video, twitter, Facebook, news, etc.
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Social Media and Micro Sites

Sky has built numerous highly successful microsites and social media microsites using cutting edge social media platforms. We have built and build cutting edge sites ranging from Facebook Applications to Twitter microsites.
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Full Social Networks

Our robust Social Network Platform utilizes best of breed search engine and social media engagement techniques to drive powerful online communities. Our engine includes everything a network needs including forums, groups, video, and a full suite of community tools.
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Search Engine Optimization

Sky's core expertise is its SEO practice. We start with traditional architectural SEO and then go much further with our SEO strategy - a custom designed approach to dominating your particular industry's search results through incredibly innovative techniques.
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All Internet*

All Internet* is our full-service Internet marketing solution. We work with leading edge e-commerce and retail firms to drive significant traffic and growth. This means we do everything possible - from SEO, to highly advanced Internet marketing, to SEM, to a full site rebuild - to drive sales often at no-cost.
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Systems and Booking

Sky builds advanced web-based booking and data processing systems to take your business to the next level. We've replaced million dollar legacy systems with more efficient, modern, web-driven technologies that are easier to use and far more scalable.
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Practice areas

Media, Entertaiment and Sports

Our partners range from leading production companies to major sports properties.

Brands and Agencies

Corporate and Technology

Retailers and E-Commerce

Goverment and Health